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"The tattoo, it won't stop glowing until they do IT."

Loki to Hoenir, about Colby and David's Norse tattoos.

Multi-Fandom Slash Universe
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Welcome to Eclipsing Souls! Home of the collaborated works of Aiden (aidenschallenge), Beck (earthequality), and Paul (musingdarkly). Most notably our Angels & Demons AU.

Eclipsing Souls started nameless, but with a general purpose. To begin a large Multi-Fandom het and slash Alternate Universe.

Originally just Aiden and I, Aid IMed me one day about her desire to collaborate on a multi-fandom story. I had just participated in my first Fandom Fest, completing two stories, one of which was gaining the potential to be extremely huge. I told her the prompt and the plot, featuring Eric Foreman as an Incubus, and she loved it. Then the Angels came along and it continued to evolve.

Now, here we are! Instead of just Angels and Demons, Aiden and I are writing another AU together and I know Paul is going to be full of ideas once she gets back from training.

I'll be linking to the old Bio, focused on Angels and Demons, once I find where I saved it. XD

In February, I'll be once again updating the tags and the community (when I did finally update the tags, I didn't post) and who knows, there might finally be some updates. ;D

Happy New Year guys, see you in Feb!