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Love Denied. (2/?), Cold Case.

Title: Love Denied.
Fandom: Cold Case/Arch Angels.
Pairing: Scotty /John.
Author: Aiden.
Rating: FRT 13.
Warning: A lot of angst.
Beta: Eddie, Beck, Paul. *hugs* Thanks a bunches guys.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, but however I own the arch Arch Angels.
Summary: Did he loose him?
Author’s note: This is a sequel to ‘Finding His Mate’.

Lilly walked in and looked around, "Good morning guys," she greeted Will and Nick.

"Morning," Nick looked up.

"Good morning Lilly," Will smiled at her.

"You guys seen Scotty?" she asked.

"No not since Friday," Will answered.

"Lil, where is Scotty?" John exited his office.

"I don't know boss."

"Get him on the phone and tell him to get his butt down here," John commanded.

"Sure thing boss," she took her cell and hit speed dial, waiting for a few minutes, "I got his voice mail," she stated.

"Try his home phone," Nick suggested, they all started to get worried. It was so unlike Scotty to not show up without telling Lilly.

She dialled and waited again, "answering machine."

Will looked at her, "okay now I'm really worried."

Lilly stood and put her coat on, "I'm going to his place. I'll call you guys as soon as I know anything."


She knocked on his door," Scotty you're in there?"

"You're looking for Scotty Valens?" someone asked.

Lilly turned around, "yes, you know where he is?"

"I think he is still in there, haven't heard anything from him since Friday. Usually I hear him leaving, but not this time."

Lilly banged on his door, "Scotty! Come on open the door!" there was still no answer.

"The landlady has a key," the woman stated.

Lilly nodded and went for the supervisors apartment knocking on her door. When she opened the door Lilly didn't gave her the time to ask what was going on, "I need to get in Scotty Valens apartment. I think something happened to him."

"You're his girlfriend?" the woman asked.

"No I'm his partner," she held up her badge.

"Okay give me a minute," she walked into her apartment and came back out with the spare key. They walked up to Scotty's apartment and the landlady opened the door.

"Thank you," Lilly mumbled and draw her gun. "Scotty you're here?" she walked in slowly and checked out every room. She opened the bedroom door and saw someone laying on the bed, "Scotty?" she walked up to him and was shocked about what she saw. He was all curled up and it was obvious that he was in a lot of pain. "Scotty! Hold on I call an ambulance!"

"No," came his voice no more then a whisper. "No ambulance, call Speed."

"Speed? Scotty he lives in Miami, he'll be here no sooner as tomorrow."

She thought she saw him smirk," he's an Angel remember," he said between clanged teeth.

She nodded and took Scotty's cell, looking through the phonebook. She found the number and hit speed dial. A growl was heard on the other side, "Mr. Speedle? I'm Lilly Rush, Scotty's partner."

'Yeah he told me about you, is everything okay?'

"No something is wrong with Scotty, he's sick." She heard some sounds and a curse.

'What happened? He said no?'

"Yes, how do you know?"

'He's dying,' she heard pain in the young man's voice.

'Miss Rush this is Horatio Caine. We'll be there as soon as possible. Try to make him comfortable.'

"I'll try but please hurry."

'We will,' she heard him click his phone off and did the same.


An half hour later someone knocked on the door, "no way," she mumbled, opening it. She saw a young scruffy looking man and a redhead standing on the other side.

"Miss Rush?" The redhead asked while the other one brushed past her and went strait for the bedroom. "I'm Lieutenant Caine and that's Timothy Speedle my mate." She let him in and they walked up to the bedroom.

"Scotty, come on man talk to me." Horatio heard the agony in his mate's voice. Speed turned to face Lilly, "what happened?"

"He flat out refused to believe what Scotty told him."

Speed sighed, "if he doesn't return those feelings Scotty will die."

"What?" Lilly looked shocked.

"An Angel can't live without his or her mate," Horatio explained.

"It happened before?" she asked.

Horatio saw the flash of pain in his lovers eyes, "yes it has happened."

“He needs a doctor, “Lilly looked at the two men.

“There is nothing a doctor can do, he needs a healer,” Horatio stated.

“A healer can’t help either, he needs his mate,” Lilly could hear the frustration and anger in the young man’s voice.

“I’m sorry, our boss didn’t believe him and he isn’t even gay. But Scotty told me that had happened before too.”

H nodded, “yeah Gil’s mate Greg, but he just needed a little convincing and now they are happy.”

“Speed?” came a weak voice, “he didn’t believe me.”

“Shht save your strength,” Speed brushed his cheek, he was burning up.

Horatio lead Lilly out of the bedroom, “so what did your boss said exactly?”

“That Scotty was crazy making something up like that. We didn’t even knew he was an Angel. It’s true right, John is his mate?”

Horatio sighed, “yes it’s true. It can take years before we even feel anything for someone else but when we do we know he or she is our mate.”

Lilly nodded, “what’s going to happen now?”

“We call up on a healer, she or he can’t heal him but can make him more comfortable. And then we will go talk to your boss, trying to convince him that it’s all true. If he refuses this bond Scotty will die eventually.”

“But you’re Angels, you’re already dead right?”

Horatio smiled, “yes we are. But Scotty is an human Angel he will die. If something like this happens to us we fade and finally go back to the heavens never to return to earth.” He walked over to Speed and laid a hand on his shoulder, “we have to do this now.”

Speed nodded and stood facing his mate, they closed there eyes and started to speak simultaneously. “Because of True Love unrequited/rejected, this Angel's Soul is fading, Thy Heart is unable to move on, so I summon thee Healer to help them pass, without pain's embrace.”

“And now?” Lilly asked as the two men opened there eyes and Speed once again took his place next to Scotty.

“We’ll wait,” Horatio said.




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